Posted by Mike Evans in Nokia on August 19, 2005

Nokia N91
So, you’re a mobile phone company, everyone says this is the year of the music mobile phone. Sony Ericsson has its Walkman brand, Motorola’s eloped with Apple’s iTunes, and you…well you have no music brand. Damn it! Guess you’ll have to focus on features instead then.

And thank Nokia for that! Nokia’s latest handset, coming to Blighty October 2005, not only focuses on music features, it overdoses on them. 4GB hard disk gives serious space for all your tunes, which can be downloaded over the air, over bluetooth, via USB, or, best of all, over a WLAN connection!

Yes, this fantastic phone is WLAN-enabled, meaning you can go round to your mates and download all he has to offer in seconds without any cables to plug in or Bluetooth key to enable. Just switch it on and download (oh, I wish – I just know there’ll be compatibility issues, but let me dream for now!).

Better still, that 4Gig hard disk will come in hugely handy for the pics you’ll want to take on the N91’s 2Megapixel camera. This is one seriously well-packed device. What’ll be the catch…Price? Fragility? Weight? Battery life? No, forget the pessimism, let’s bring praise on Nokia for boldly focusing on features rather than relying on brand presence to trot out an ordinary phone (or bring prasie on Nokia for having to focus on features because they forgot about brand – but what the hell, praise ’em anyway!).