Welcome to MobileMentalism – a website that since 2005 has been cutting through the hype of the mobile phone market, bringing you the latest news, reviews and advice on mobiles of all type, and helping you decide what phone you need now, and what phones will be available in the near future.

I’m Mike Evans, and I’ve been publishing MobileMentalism continuously since I first created the site back in 2005.

I previously worked on mobile phone research projects, which was where my passion for mobile tech first began. I soon became known amongst my friends as the bloke to ask what phone to get (yeh, I’m “that guy”!), and so I thought I’d set up a website all about mobile phones.

From its simple beginnings of just writing about existing phones that were on sale, I soon began writing more on the phones that were coming out in the future, seeing first hand the way the mobile phone industry and technologies were evolving, and which company was most in tune with users’ needs.

I’ve always been interested not just in the tech side of mobile phones, but also how the technology can change the way we live and work, and the impact it can have on both individuals and society.

Mike Evans

No ordinary mobile blog!

This, plus my frequent rants and opinions, means this is no ordinary mobile phone blog: it’s not just the latest news or blurred photo, which you can see on every other mobile blog – it’s my opinion you get as well, on the impact of what I’m writing about, how it affects you, and how it could change the future of mobile tech; an opinion that’s been formed from working in the mobile sector and writing about it for so long.

Some of you (most, even) may not agree with my opinion, but that’s fine. The great thing about mobile phones is the passion they generate in people, as they truly are personal objects, devices that we come to depend on and use daily. But at least you get an opinion here, rather than just the usual regurgitated news stories! And you can always disagree with me in the comments!

I run advertising and affiliate programs on the site in order for me to cover my costs, and also to earn a little cash from the half a million+ words I’ve written for free over the past five years (a man’s gotta eat!). If you’re curious, you can read more on my disclaimer page.


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I really hope you enjoy MobileMentalism as much as I enjoy writing it.