MobileMentalism publishes independent news, reviews and articles on mobile phones and the mobile phone industry, with a lot of personal opinion thrown in for good measure. It’s this personal opinion that makes the site unique. The flip-side of all this “personalness”, though, is that the site is all written by one man – me! – and that like any human, I’m naturally biased by certain things, even when I’m trying to be completely objective!

At the time of writing this disclaimer (end of 2010), my mobile phone associations, past and present, include:

Mobile phones owned

  • Nokia
  • Motorola
  • Sony Ericsson
  • Nokia
  • HTC

Mobile networks used

  • Orange
  • Virgin Mobile
  • T-Mobile

Current faves

  • HTC and anything Android

Current dislikes

  • Symbian (currently in a death spiral)
  • Apple (beautiful hardware and software, but an atrociously closed and censorious business model that’s at odds with everything I believe in. When a tech company bans books from being sold on its products based on some arbitrary non-transparent set of rules on “decency” that are defined by one man, I no longer use that tech company’s products!)
  • Blackberry (very boring products)

So, I’m an Android fanboy, at least for the moment, but at least I’m an honest Android fanboy and will tell you that up front!

I’m not sure if this list reveals anything about my biases, but at least I’m being up-front about where my past and current loyalties lie.

Given that the site is now rather large and isn’t exactly cheap to run, I also use affiliate links to certain mobile stores, which you’ll find scattered through the site in appropriate places (mostly in reviews). These links earn me a small amount of money whenever anyone buys the mobile phone from the linked store.

Hopefully this doesn’t come as a surprise, as it’s one of the most popular ways for tech sites to earn any money, and by doing this, I can ensure that I’m able to afford the hosting costs, and to keep MobileMentalism free and able to grow for the future.