Posted by Mike Evans in News on October 17, 2005

Sony Ericsson W900 3G Walkman phone with headset
After Nokia’s recent flurry of announcements, it seems it’s Sony Ericsson’s turn today, announcing the fourth member of their increasingly impressive Walkman family of mobile phones.

This one, I’m pleased to say, looks like the best yet.

The W900 offers the usual array of Walkman-esque features, offering 470MB internal memory (expandable to 2GB via MemoryStick), which should be good for 500-1000 songs (depending on quality), and capable of playing songs encoded in MP3, AAC or AAC+, MIDI, WAV and XMF formats. So far so good.

It also comes complete with a portable handsfree remote control device, meaning you can use its music features without taking out of your pocket. I see this as a much-welcome anti-mugging device! Let iPod users take the risks on the street – with the W900, you only show it to who you want to (i.e. your jealous friends and colleagues).

The addition of a two megapixel camera with LED-flash and picture light adds to the stunning feature list, but what really sets this apart from its sister Walkman phones is its 3G capability and S700i-style swivel function.  Yes, that’s right, blistering music download speeds (and crippling data transfer costs!) and a cool swivelling form factor. More on this glorious new phone after the jump.

Sony Ericsson W900 3G Walkman phone in Black