Posted by Mike Evans in Barcelona 3GSM 2007 on February 14, 2007

We’ve seen some pretty exciting new phones at 3GSM this year, most notably from Nokia and Samsung. But seeing pics of the new phones is only part of the deal – we want to see live video of the glorious new phones in the raw! So here, for your delictation, is a giant list of 18 videos of all the new phones fresh from 3GSM

Samsung phones

First up is Samsung, partly because they released the most new phones at 3GSM, but also because those phones are really something else. Rather than just the average techno-heavy but uninspiring range of Samsung’s previous phones, the new range on offer, particularly the Ultra Edition II range, aren’t just techno-heavy, they look glorious too.

Samsung WiMAX UMPC tablet

Currently only available in Korea, but apparently coming to Europe soon, Samsung’s new WiMAX tablet is super fast (HSDPA and WiMax), and actually not quite as big as I thought it would be. Seems completely usable, but still ultimately extremely stealable. Would love to go to the pub with one of these and do a spot of browsing while waiting for my mates to arrive, but the chances of me leaving said pub with the tablet still on my person must be pushing close to zero!

Samsung Ultra Smart F520 and F700

Mmmmm, videos of Samsung’s glorious new Ultra Smart F520 and F700. I am excited!

Samsung F500 Multimedia phone

Video of the fantastic looking Samsung F500 multimedia phone – even plays DivX, you know!

Samsung U100

Want to see what the world’s thinnest mobile phone looks like? Watch ShinyShiny’s Suzy in her video of the Samsung U100 (just 5.9mm, you know – the U100, not Suzy!)

Samsung F300 Ultra Music phone

Video of Samsung’s great looking F300 Ultra Music phone.

LG Prada Phone

LG have been surprisingly quiet at 3GSM, only bothering to mention a lawsuit they’re filing against Thomson technologies for some patent infringement. That hasn’t stopped Suzy from ShinyShiny getting her hands on the LG Prada phone though.


Motorola had a few new phones on display, many of which actually featured a few high-end technologies, such as HSDPA and mobile TV.

Motorola RIZR Z8

Suzy’s back again, this time with a video of the RIZR Z8, which actually looks a lot better in the flesh. Turns out its a flat phone that only turns into a banana when you open it.

Motorola SLVR L9

Suzy from ShinyShiny again, this time with a video of the Motorola SLVR L9.

Motorola KRZR K3

Motorola KRZR K3 video, with HSDPA, don’t y’er know.

Motorola Q q9

Video of the Motorola Q q9, for all you smartphone fans

Sony Ericsson

One thing that you might have noticed at 3GSM this year is how quiet Sony Ericsson have been, and this video, again with Suzy from ShinyShiny, shows why – they never released anything! Curiously, they made all their annoucements last week, so there’s absolutely nothing to report!

If you want to see Suzy tell us how quiet Sony Ericsson’s stand was, then view on.


Nokia 6110 Navigator

Nifty demo of the 6110’s SatNav features in this Nokia 6110 video.

Nokia N77 mobile TV phone

Nifty video of the Nokia N77 mobile TV phone from PortableGear. It really does look like a mobile TV that just happens to be a phone!!

Nokia E61i smartphone

Video of the Nokia E61i smartphone from ShinyShiny (but no SuzySuzy this time!)

Nokia E90 Communicator

Nokia E90 Communicator video. Smaller than I thought it would be (though still the size of a brick!) Unfortunately, not the most illuminating of video clips!

Check out the quality of the E90’s video recording though with this Nokia E90 video capture sample.

Nokia N800 Internet tablet

Missing from a lot of the hype, but being demoed at 3GSM anyway, is the Nokia N800 Internet tablet.

That’s all, folks!

Well, I think that’ll do for now. Loads of new phones on their way, many of them looking glorious, and 3GSM 2007 looks like it was a great event to be at. Must schedule it in my diary for next year!

Thanks and much kudos to ShinyShiny and for their video reviews, and for putting them up on YouTube.