Posted by Mike Evans in Barcelona 3GSM 2007 on February 18, 2007

Amongst all the mainstream mobile phone manufacturers’ goodies at this year’s 3GSM, one unexpected entrant to the mobile phone market was Nvidia, the legendary graphics card specialist, who were showing off what seems to be a brand new smartphone OS and graphics chip.

More details and video of Nvidia’s new smartphone technology after the jump.

Nvidia’s new smartphone technology would seem to knock Apple’s iPhone for six. Not only can it do all the nifty mutlimedia-like functionality of the iPhone, it can also pump out 3D graphics that make the iPhone look like the Apple II (which is pretty much what you’d expect from Nvidia, I guess).

Better still, Nvidia are offering this technology to any smartphone manufacturer who wants to use it. In other words, you’re not stuck with a mobile phone that’s tethered to a restrictive 2 year contract and that won’t offer any 3rd party applications that aren’t approved of by Apple.

Check out the video to see how amazing Nvidia’s new technology is. Still want an iPhone?!

[Source: ShinyShiny]