Posted by Mike Evans in Mobile Operators on March 10, 2009

You may recall that I’m looking to upgrade my phone from my Nokia E90 to a T-Mobile G1 (can’t resist Android’s siren call!) However, because I was on T-Mobile’s old Just Sim tariff (old Sim-only deal that cost me £30 a month), transferring to a new contract wasn’t as easy as I’d hoped. It turns out that if I want to move from a T-Mobile Sim-only deal to a new T-Mobile contract, I can’t keep my old phone number!

If I was on any other deal on any other network, then I could port the number over seamlessly. If I was on any other contract with T-Mobile, it wouldn’t be a problem, either. However, because I’m already a customer of T-Mobile, I can’t port the number over across tariffs, as porting only works across different networks. And for whatever reason, T-Mobile’s systems aren’t equipped to deal with people who want to switch from Sim-only to contract and keep the same number!

It appears I’ve fallen through the cracks in T-Mobile’s system!

That hasn’t stopped me, though. Sure I’m getting a new number, which will be a pain, but I’m getting a new Google phone, which should be glorious! Still with T-Mobile, as their mobile broadband service is second to none in the UK, so although this is annoying, it’s not the end of the world.

A full hands-on review of the T-Mobile G1 is obviously just a few short days away – stay tuned!