Posted by Mike Evans in Apps on January 18, 2012

PowWowNow is a rather ridiculous-sounding name for a new conference call service that’s just released its first iPhone app, which provides voice conferencing with a really nice user interface. Despite its name, is actually rather neat; not only does it look good and is extremely functional, but it also saves you money if you ever need to use voice conferencing.

Voice conferencing on mobile phones is not exactly a new feature – in fact, it was something that Nokia was very keen to promote on its N97 Mini back in 2009. The irony is that Nokia was trying to promote a feature of the telecoms world at a time when everybody was moving over to the software-based world of smartphone apps. Now smartphone apps rule, we’re back to offering telecoms features again – only this time, with much better polish!
PowWowNow video conferencing app

PowWowNow’s best features

As you’d expect, the PowWowNow iPhone conference app shows you a list of participants for the voice conference that you’re attending but it goes much further than that; because the iPhone is GPS enabled, it’ll also show you the time zone that those participants are in, so you can see his sleepy they are when they join the call!

In addition, by creating a voice conference yourself, all of the participants are invited via e-mail, and so you can add them as participants extremely easily simply by selecting them from your iPhone’s contact list, or your e-mail contact list. Creating voice conference calls and adding participants to it has therefore never been easier.

Where PowWowNow really shines is in the usability of its interface and in saving you money. Conference Call provider PowWowNow is actually a telecoms provider in its own right, and so can ensure that the price you pay for your voice conference phone call is actually the cheapest you can get. Everyone simply pays a local call charge, wherever they are, meaning a 1 hour conference call with 30 participants will only cost you £2.58.

So not only do you get an extremely usable app for quickly creating and joining voice conference calls, you can also be assured that the price you pay is the lowest you can get.

PowWowNow really has got a lot going for it – everything, in fact, apart from its name!

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