Posted by Mike Evans in Apps on September 30, 2010

If you’re looking for a better way of playing your music that’s stashed away on iTunes, then you might want to check out the new Denon RCD-N7. It’s a new CD receiver system that not only features an iPhone dock, it’s also got built-in Wi-Fi and a nifty iPhone app.

Hmmmm, now what could that be used for?…
iPhone-controllable Hi-Fi

The iPhone remote control

As you’ve probably guessed, the app lets you control the RCD-N7 from the iPhone (or iPod). Because the RCD-N7 supports Apple’s AirPlay, it can stream tunes directly from iTunes on your PC or Mac. But you don’t need to be near your computer to do this – you just need to be in Wi-Fi range, with the app controlling the RCD-N7, telling it what music to stream from iTunes.

It’s a nifty feature, and one that I’m sure will have iPhone-loving couch potatoes jumping for joy (if they could jump, of course, rather than suffering from limited movement from their couch-sloth activities!).

[Source: MediaMentalism]