Posted by Mike Evans in Opinion on August 5, 2007

Concept mobile phone picture
Fanboys and Photoshop are a really bad combination. Whenever news is slow, or someone just wants to show off their love for their favourite mobile phone manufacturer, up pops a new “concept phone” or “leaked picture” – except it’s not, it’s just a mock-up of what a fanboy thinks the latest phone should look like.

Genuine leaked pictures are what blogs like this live for, and certain fanboy mockups, like those for the iPhone, are very welcome, as they’re usually extremely well done, and give everyone something to salivate over while waiting for a phone that people are genuinely eager to see.

It’s pictures like this that annoy me…

It’s not that the Photoshopped picture itself is bad. I mean, clearly it is, as it’s a dull-looking phone, and if you’re going to mock-up a fantasy phone, you might as well make it look super-cool.

What really annoys me is that pictures like this are always passed off as “the latest Sony Ericsson phone” or whatever, as if anyone’s going to be fooled by such a lame-ass pic.

I mean, come on – 120GB memory?! Carl Ceiss lens?! Who the hell’s Carl Ceiss? Sounds like a Chinese clone phone’s version of Carl Zeiss! And what on earth does 3.2 Active megapixels 3G mean?!

if you must create a fanboy mockup, don’t insult everyone’s intelligence by pretending it’s the real deal; or at least, if you have to, try and get the imaginary details sounding at least vaguely plausible (and spelt correctly, too!)

Rant over…guess I’m in a bad mood!

[Source: Esato]