Posted by Mike Evans in Articles on December 24, 2007

Nokia E90 photo sample
It’s Xmas Eve in the UK, nearly 3pm, just over an hour of daylight left, temperature falling, grey leaden skies closing in threatening to rain, and what am I doing? Standing on the beach in Torquay blogging!

No, I’m not trying to win geek of the year award, I’m testing just how mobile a mobile blogger can be! And I’m happy to report that with my trusty Nokia E90, I am indeed extremely mobile.

The only disadvantages at the moment are that I can no longer feel my fingers, due to the cold, and it’s now starting to rain, and despite its seemingly never-ending features, waterproofness is not part of the E90’s armoury! So I’m going back into my car to continue this post…

…right, back now! As you can see from the pic above (click on it to see it in its full size, uncompressed glory), the E90’s camera is, like the rest of the phone, extremely impressive. It’s 3.2 megapixels with autofocus, and taking pics is extremely simple. Its only drawback is the extreme lag between pressing the button and the photo actually being taken.

Actually, extreme is an understatement – I was going to take some photos during Xmas day tomorrow, but I’ll have to set the phone on a tripod, press the shutter button, and leave it there until next Xmas, by which time the picture should actually have been taken!

Still, that aside, I’m extremely impressed that I was able to take pictures, upload them onto my blog and write this post, all only inches from the sea! True, the weather was pants today, but this bodes extremely well for some sunny summer blogging! The Nokia E90 truly is the blogger’s dream.

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