Posted by Mike Evans in Samsung on December 24, 2007

Samsung D600 front

Last Xmas, I gave my Dad a Samsung D600, which he was overjoyed with. It really was the perfect phone for him – tonnes of features, sleek masculine looks, and a compact form. I knew that my Dad would be a great tester for the phone as well, as he tends to be, well, rather hard on them!

What I wasn’t counting on was exactly how hard he would be on the poor D600 – as you can see from the pic above, he insisted on stress testing it by running it over with a 44 tonne truck!!

Samsung D600 back

Of course, he didn’t intentionally run over it. He’s a trucker by trade, and used to have it strapped to his belt. One day when climbing into his cab, it popped off. Apparently his belt couldn’t take the strain of his belly as he lifted his arms up, and the tension caused the phone to go flying…straight under the wheels of his 44 tonne truck!

As he set off, unaware of the fate of his D600, the poor little phone shivered with fear as the two back wheels of his trailer inched closer and closer…until they rode completely over it, crushing the life out of the innocent little phone.

It was only when he returned to his truck yard that he noticed a phone on the floor. “Oooh, someone’s dropped their phone,” he thought, as he bent down to have a look. “Run over it too. Oh, they’ve got a D600, just like mi…ah!”

So here it is now, in all its crumpled glory. Of course, it doesn’t work – mobile phones are pretty tough, but being run over by a 44 tonne truck is perhaps a little outside of their design parameters. However, what’s surprising is that the keypad, external casing, slide mechanism and the back of the phone are all completely intact.

The screen has gone, of course, but the camera and flash unit on the back survived, and even the SIM still works. I have to hand it to Samsung – although the D600 didn’t quite survive my Dad’s version of a stress test, it didn’t do half bad. It certainly did better than the Bluetooth ear-piece that he also ran over, just a week later!

Here’s hoping he doesn’t stress test this year’s Xmas pressie in the same way…I got him a puppy!

Merry Xmas all :)

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