Posted by Mike Evans in Apple on June 30, 2007

iPhone hype trend chart 2
Remember two days ago when I published the BlogPulse Trends chart showing how many people were blogging about the iPhone? That was before the iPhone was released, but showed the trend just about to jump into the stratosphere.

Fast-forward two days, and look at it now (above) – well and truly in the stratosphere! All other mobile phone companies have been left for dust.

I also talked about how Motorola were nuts in releasing their Motorola Z8 at the same time as the iPhone, and this graph proves it. You can see how high the iPhone trend line is (blue) – and the Motorola trend line (green)? Flat. Completely and utterly dead. If Motorola wanted any column inches on their Z8, they reallty should have picked a better day…come to think of it, they really should have picked any other day!

[Source: BlogPulse]