Posted by Mike Evans in Apple on June 28, 2007

Apple iPhone video review
iPhone hype is reaching explosive levels, so what else there to do but stoke it some more? Lucky New York Times columnist has had an iPhone for a few weeks now, and he’s created an amusing video showing it off.

He does list some of the drawbacks of Apple’s new wonder-phone: the fact that it’s tied to AT&T, the battery is sealed and can only be replaced by sending it back to Apple, and there’s no external memory; but he also gives a neat demonstration of the iPhone in action.

That said, looking at the iPhone in action, you have to pinch yourself that the device is real, and not just a mock-up of some “future product” concept phone. Everything seems to work so seamlessly, and the user interface is simply glorious.

For me, though, the biggest turn-off is the lack of 3G support, as without that, the superb Web browser is simply useless. Sure, the iPhone has Wi-Fi, but how often are you in a free Wi-Fi hotspot when you’re out and about? OK, so I can use Wi-Fi at home, but then I have a laptop at home that’s much better at browsing the Web.

With any luck, the rumours of a 3G iPhone hitting the UK in November will be true, and I can then rush out and get one! Until then, I’m hanging back, as no 3G is a bit of a show-stopper.

Oh yes, and the video review. Unfortunately it’s not available on YouTube, so you’ll have to pop over to the New York Times’s site and watch it there.

[Source: New York Times]

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