Posted by Mike Evans in Events on February 15, 2010

Bizarre – that’s the only word for it! With other mobile phone manufacturers releasing a blizzard of new superphones, Nokia have announced they’ve teamed up with Intel to develop- yet anohter mobile operating system!

Called MeeGo, it will be a fusion of Nokia’s Maemo and Intel’s Moblin Linux-based operating systems. Both are pretty niche OSes at the moment, but Nokia and Intel are hoping to change all that by trying to get Meego into as many types of device as possible.

Like what?…

Like in-car entertainement systems, netbooks, tablets, TVs, and even mobile phones!

Meego is an odd beast. It’ll be entirely separate from Symbian, which Nokia will still be using heavily, and so is destined to remain niche, at least as far mobile phones are concerned.
Nokia Meego announcement

And to avoid confusion (or maybe just increase it!), Maemo 6 will actually be Meego and will probably be branded as such.

In a time when the rest of the mobile is racing ahead with its user interfaces and super features, the last thing Nokia needs to be focusing on is yet another mobile OS!

That said, it could be a sign that Nokia’s realised it won’t be able to have as much dominance in the superphone market as it’s enjoyed over the past few years as the competition is now at boiling point. Meego might just be the start of the company branching out into new markets in order to diversify and maintain profitability.

[Source: Engadget Mobile]