Posted by Mike Evans in Events on February 15, 2010

Say hello to the Samsung Beam, the first Android 2,1 phone with built-in pico-projector.

OK, so I know you’re all thinking that was the Samsung Halo, but it turns out that Halo was just the codename – the actual released name of the device is the Samsung Beam.

After the euphoria of the Beam’s details from yesterday, we can finally see how good it is today. Check out the video after the jump to see for yourself.

The first thing you’ll want to know about the Beam, no doubt, is how good the pico projector actually is. Well, in truth it’s difficult to tell, as it doesn’t come across too well in this video. However, reports state it’s actually not all that bright (it’s just 9 lumens), which is perhaps to be expected, but a bit of a disappointment nonetheless.
Samsung Beam mobile phone

As far as the other features are concerned, there’s only a 5 megapixel camera rather than the 8 megapxiel version we thought it had, and the TouchWiz 3.0 UI on top of Android 2.1 is pretty much identical to the one used in the Bada-based Samsung Wave.

Better news, though, is the nifty thing the Beam can do with it spico-projector. You can project images directly from its camera onto the wall in real time. For presentation purposes, this is brilliant: just imagine showing your audience a tiny piece of jewellery or tiny gadget, just by pointing your phone’s camera at it
Samsung Beam pico-projector phone

The Samsung Beam release date should be the second half of the year, but no news on pricing yet.

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