Posted by Mike Evans in Articles on December 22, 2006

If you thought 2006 saw some amazing new phones released, from 6.9mm super-thin devices to 10 megapixel mobile TV leviathans, just wait until you see what 2007 will bring! Using a combination of my trusty sources, technological intuition, and even a bit of speculating, I’ve compiled in-depth list of the ten hottest technologies that will be coming to mobile phones in 2007.

And these technologies aren’t just more of the same. Mobile phones have reached a technological tipping point, and the new features are services coming next year will change not just the phones themselves, but the way we use them and everything in our lives, from our household gadgets to the Internet.

Brace yourselves, then, for a look forward to the 10 hottest technologies coming to mobile phones in 2007:

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