Posted by Mike Evans in Articles on January 4, 2007

Happy New Year all! Yes, MobileMentalism is back after a glorious Christmas and New Year break. And back in style, too, with news that no other mobile phone site can give you. The latest CES2007 scoops? More new Sony Ericsson leaked phones? No, news on my Dad’s Christmas pressie!

If you recall, I got him a Samsung D600 for Christmas, as it has the right combination of features, looks and price that I knew (hoped!) he’d love. And was I right? Happily, yes. He loved it. He spent the whole Christmas holidays playing with it, reading the manual, playing with it some more, and reading the manual some more, just for fun!

Not so fun was the annoying noises he kept making (no, not the sprouts – he hadn’t worked out how to set the keypad to silent!). The beep beep of the D600 was the soundtrack of the holidays – thank god he never worked out how to download the Crazy Frog ringtone!

Happily, then, this was one Christmas gift that went down a treat, and hopefully it was just as good a pressie for those of you who followed suit and also bought your Dad a D600. So Merry Christmas all, and a Happily Mental New Year :)