Posted by Mike Evans in News on August 17, 2006

Here’s news to gladden my heart! have done an analysis of the top 50 mobile phone sites across the web according to their Alexa rank – and MobileMentalism’s number 49! Of course this may change as other people ask “hey, why isn’t my site listed?”, causing the list to be subsequently updated (I was number 46 this morning!) – but still, bask in the glow of glory while I can!

The top 20 is dominated by the big corporates, apart from the big ProBloggers out there (mobiledia, mobileburn, mobilewhack and co). The independent bloggers don’t start showing up in numbers ’till the 30s, so reaching number 49 after a year makes me very happy indeed :)

Props to for what I know is a tedious-to-compile list (and shameless bit of link-baiting guys ;)