Posted by Mike Evans in News on January 18, 2008

Sony Ericsson have trademarked the name Xperia for what the trademark application shows is a range of seriously well equipped mobile phones. Specifically, the trademark lists functions such as:

  • camera
  • instant messaging
  • e-mail
  • Internet connectivity
  • radio
  • record, play, transmit, receive, and/or manage music and video
  • play electronic games
  • upload photographs and text onto online journals or web logs
  • function as a personal digital assistant (PDA)
  • function as walkie-talkies
  • satellite navigation
  • remote control for computers and run multimedia presentations

Now, a lot of these functions have already been squeezed into many of Sony Ericsson’s existing phones. However, by trademarking a new brand name, it does seem as though a new range of high end Sony Ericssons are just around the corner.

[Source: Trademork, via EngadgetMobile]