Posted by Mike Evans in Leaked Photos on May 24, 2010

At last, I’ve found my perfect smartphone! Regular readers will know I’m hooked on Android, and with the release of the latest version FroYo, I’m even more hooked! My little T-Mobile G1 is now looking decidedly old (and large, too!), and I’ve been itching to get a new phone since the start of the year.

The problem? I’m hooked on QWERTY keyboards. I just love the speed with which you can use your phone when it’s got a full physical QWERTY.

Unfortunately, 2010 hasn’t been the year of QWERTY phones – at least not Android ones – so I’ve had to sit back and wait as some seriously tasty Android phones have been released, all without keyboard.

Now, though, all that looks set to change – behold the HTC Vision!

HTC Vision
Now I must stress that this picture is obviously just a rendering, and is clearly an HTC Desire with a QWERTY keyboard grafted onto it. However, the name Vision has been dug up from HTC’s own device profile, and is apparently an Android phone with a 480×800 screen (same size as the Desire’s) and a full QWERTY keyboard.

So this rendering is pretty much what an HTC Vision should look like – and what might just be my next phone (assuming it’s got at least the same specs as the Desire). That is unless Sony Ericsson release a QWERTY-equipped X10!

[Source: GSMArena]