Posted by Mike Evans in News on October 8, 2005

Nokia 770 Internet Tablet mobile web browsing device

Nokia have announced they’re delaying their new 770 Internet Tablet device. This is a shame, as the device seems intriguing, not to mention highly desirable, but apparently they haven’t yet finalized the software platform.  Possibly the reason could be that the tablet currently runs on a Linux-based Internet Tablet 2005 software platform, but this is due for an upgrade next year (to the Internet Tablet 2006, no less!), which will support additional services, including Internet telephony (VoIP) and Instant Messaging. Given VoIP and Instant messaging are set to become essential features of many types of communications devices next year, a self-styled home Internet Tablet that doesn’t support these features would look a little dated. Delaying the release may therefore be a shrewd move.

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Nokia 770 Internet Tablet
Nokia 770 Internet Tablet mobile web browsing tablet in use

The device itself looks glorious, and is certainly extremely desirable.  How usable it will be, though, remains to be seen. It’s not actually meant to be a mobile phone – indeed, it has no mobile phone capabilities at all, relying completely on WLAN for its connectivity.

Rather, it’s designed as a platform to browse the web and read email over WLAN.  You can also use it to stream files, tune in to Internet radio, News Reader, or play videos and music. This makes it a glorified PDA, but with features and form factor more specific to home use than the traditional PDA-focus of ToDo lists and gerneal office-based organizing tasks.  In my opinion, this is an exciting new departure from the traditional PDA, and as a WiFi-equipped device suitable for web browsing, I’d certainly be happier taking this to Starbucks than my heavier, bulkier, and much more expensive laptop. Whether I’d use it home, though, is a different matter. I’m quite happy using my laptop at home, and don’t really have the need to browse the web urgently when outside.  Still, the device looks great, and certainly has the wow factor. Make it cheap Nokia, and this will sell by the bucketload.