Posted by Mike Evans in News on June 24, 2007

Sony Ericsson may have released the K850i, its latest and best Cyber Shot camera phone, but it’s no match for Japan’s latest technological marvels. 5 megapixel camera? Pah! White-balance, BestPic technology and Xenon flash? So last year!

No, what the techno-savvy Japanese market cries out for is an x-ray phone – not to see people’s bones, you understand, but to see what’s under their clothes! This is Japan, remember, what else would they use an x-ray phone for?!

You can see a picture from the latest Japanese X-Ray phone, the 5005x, after the jump – but be warned, it may not be safe for work!
5005x x-ray mobile phone
As you can see, the 5005x really does have what can safely be called a killer app. It features sophisticated nipple-detection algorithms, too, to protect the modesty of young ladies like the one in the pic.

OK, so I made that last bit up…actually, the whole thing’s made up, but you probably guessed that anyway! Sorry to disappoint :)

[Source: Akihabara News]