Posted by Mike Evans in Nokia on May 13, 2008

Nokia N-Series phones reviewed
What do you do when you get your hands on five of Nokia’s shiniest top-end N-Series phones all at once? Review them all, of course, and take tonnes of pics of the buggers! And that’s just what the PhoneReport has done, lining up the Nokia N95 8GB, N78, N82, N81 8GB and (gasp!) the brand new Nokia N96.

Phew! As you can see from the pics (and they have dozens more on their site), it’s quite an impressive line up, and the review makes for interesting reading if you’re considering buying one of Nokia “multimedia computers”. Frustratingly, the review isn’t all that in-depth, covering only the dimensions and usability of the phones in terms of their form factors and a bit of the user interfaces, but a fuller review is promised sometime in the future.

More pics after the jump.
More of the Nokia N-Series phones reviewed

Nokia N-Series phone reviewed on top of each other

There are tonnes more pics over at the PhoneReport, so if you want see some more eye candy, go check out their review.

[Source: PhoneReport]