Posted by Mike Evans in Mobile Software on November 13, 2009

hands-on Nokia N900 review
Nokia has released a new teaser video of its Maemo mobile operating system. Maemo is the software that powers the Nokia N900, which has just been released. I saw a preview of the N900 a few months ago, and was very impressed, particularly when comparing the N900 to the N97.

However, I was confused back then as to why Nokia was effectively competing with itself with two mobile operating systems (the N97 uses Symbian), and I’m even more confused with this video – it’s not a teaser for the N900, it’s a teaser for Maemo!

Check the video out for yourself after the jump – and see if you can make sense of it!

Is this a sign that Nokia are refocusing their smartphone efforts around Maemo rather than the ageing Symbian? It would certainly make sense. Samsung have just announced that they’ll no longer be using Symbian in their smartphones, which is a huge blow to the platform. Whether Nokia are prepared to give up on Symbian as well is any one’s guess (just like what the video actually means!), but it at least shows that Nokia’s firmly committed to Maemo.