Posted by Mike Evans in Motorola on February 9, 2010

Our second bit of news on Android Day comes courtesy of the Motorola Devour, Motorola’s new Android phone complete with their own MotoBLUR interface. Motorola dug deep into their pockets for the Devour and advertised it on the SuperBowl yesterday, which must have cost them a pretty penny.

Speaking of pretty, they chose Megan Fox to show it off in the ad. And then put her in the bath naked. I can think of worse jobs to have than heading up Motorola’s marketing department (and it’s the first time I’ve been able to say that in a few years!)

More details, pics and vids of both the Motorola Devour and Megan Fox in the bath after the jump!

The Motorola Devour

Megan Fox and the Motorola Devour Android phone
The Motorola Devour is another new Motorola phone that uses Android and Motorola’s new MotoBLUR interface. It features a large physical QWERTY keyboard, but annoyingly, given the size of the overall device itself, a relatively small screen.

In fact, the Devour itself is an odd mix of features. The Motorola Droid (or Milestone as it is in the UK) is the flagship Android device from Motorola, and so the Devour only comes with Android version 1.6 (at lesat for now), and a 3 megapixel camera with 23fps video camera. However, the Devour comes with Flash Lite, whereas the Droid/Milestone doesn’t.
Motorola Devour Android phone
Apparently Motorola will kitting the Droid out with Flash later on in the year, probably about the same time they kit out the Devour with Android 2.1. Which should make it even more difficult to separate the devices!

No matter, the Devour looks great and the MotoBLUR interface is a really nice add-on to Android. Couple this to a 600MHz processor and Flash Lite, plus all the usual Android smartphonery features (GPS, Bluetooth, accelerameters, etc.), and you have a cracking smartphone in your hands.

Just like Megan Fox, in fact, who uses hers in the bath!

Megan Fox in the bath with her Motorola Devour

Whichever way you look at it, this is a great advert. Kudos to Motorola, and good to see them finally working out how to compete in the mobile phone market!

And good to see Megan Fox in the bath as well :D

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