Posted by Mike Evans in Leaked Photos on September 16, 2010

After upstaging Nokia yesterday and launching two new Android phones with improved user interfaces, HTC are in the news again with a leaked video of their gorgeous HTC Sense user interface running on an unknown Windows Phone 7 device.

Hold on, you say, wasn’t Windows Phone 7 meant to be uniform across all devices, with no room for user interface customizations? Well, either Microsoft have relaxed their grip a bit, or someone forgot to tell HTC!

The result is quite simple the best looking user interface I’ve ever seen! In fact, it’s so good, it makes desktop user interfaces look dated.

Check out these two leaked videos to see what I mean.
HTC Sense UI on Windows Phone 7

Leaked videos of the new HTC Sense user interface

The first video shows an internal rendering of what the Sense UI would look like on a Windows Phone 7 device. Before you think that that’s just a rendering, check out the second video, which shows the same rendering, but running on an actual Windows Phone 7 device!

I hope you agree, the result is stunning.

Making Sense of Windows Phone 7

I hated Windows Mobile. I was very skeptical of Windows Phone 7, particularly when Microsoft said they weren’t going to allow any customization. However, although I don’t like the plain look of the homescreens, I have to say that the overall look and feel of Windows Phone 7, particularly with its animations and transitions, is extremely impressive.

And now, what HTC has shown, is that there is room for customization after all – with what’s being called the HTC Hub.

Hubs, in case you’re not sure, are homescreens that focus on a specific theme. So there’s a Gaming Hub, for example, and an Office Hub. What we didn’t know was that indiviual manufacturers would be able to create their own Hubs, which would differentiate their Windows Phone 7 device from another manufacturer’s.

Hence, the HTC Hub, which adds HTC’s legendary weather widget, but in a glorious new 3D style. The new Notes look superb as well.

If not Nokia weren’t already worried enough by HTC’s latest Android phones, the Desire HD and Desire Z, they’ve now got HTC’s Windows Phone 7 devices to worry about as well!

[Source: Engadget]