Posted by Mike Evans in News on November 21, 2005

Curitel PT-S170 twisting mobile phone

Another new mobile phone with a strange new form factor debuts in South Korea. SK Telecom, the largest mobile carrier in Korea, has released photos of an in-house designed handset, the Pantech & Curitel PT-S170. Details are limited, but the PT-S170 appears to be a camcorder phone that slides, folds and swivels, which in my book is just plain greedy.
I’m a big fan of twisty form factors, but surely this is taking the twist just a little too far? Oh, who am I kidding, I’d still buy the thing (sucker!)
[Source: TelecomsKorea]
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  1. its like someone thought “hey wouldnt it be great if”- while at some dinner party someone pulls out their fancy slide phone in an attempt to impress everyone else – but then from the other side of the room someone else springs out their fancy flip / camera phone – everyone gasps! and then young josh who hasnt even got an invite pulls out his pantech and curitell transformer phone in a kind of paper scisors stone combat stylie and beats the others hands down.
    I have to get one !!!