Posted by Mike Evans in News on November 21, 2005

LG SD910 SK Telecom transformer phone

SK Telecom have also released pictures of the new LG SD 910 mobile phone, another device with a curious form factor.  Not quite as curious as the previously posted Curitel PT S170, the new LG mobile phone nonetheless has its own form factor that stands out from the crowd (largely because the crowd wonders what on earth it’s doing!).
No details on this mobile phone yet, but the way the screen moves aside to reveal a few buttons makes me think of the EvertTwist Origami Phone, whose screen also moved aside to reveal music-specific buttons (fast-forward, rewind, etc.).  Unfortunately, all these phones are so far destined only for the Korean market (shame! We Europeans loved Optimus Prime as well, y’know, and I know our American cousins did too.  Come on, give us the Transformer-phones :)
[Source: TelecomsKorea]
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