Posted by Mike Evans in News on September 4, 2007

Motorola Transformer mobile phone
Mobile pones have increasingly taken on the appearance of Transformers over the years, with all manner of origami-like form factors performing all kinds of gymnastics in an effort to squeeze as much functionality into the device and still be usable.

Now Motorola (or at least a Motorola fan-boy anyway) have taken this to its logical conclusion and designer a mobile phone that really is a Transformer! Tying in with this year’s best movie (I’ve got simple tastes, what can I say?!), the Motorola Transformer phone looks like a standard Motorola E6, until you open it out and get – yup – a robot in disguise!

More pics of the Motorola Transformer phone after the jump.
Motorola transformer phone
Motorola Transformer phone
Motorola Transformer phone
Motorola Transformer phone

[Source: PhoneDaily]

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