Posted by Mike Evans in Android on February 9, 2010

Finally, we have a tonne of other Android news on unofficial Android day, including:

Inbrics will be launching the Inbrics M1 at MWC 2010 next week. The M1 is a 3.7″ Android phone with slide out keyboard, and what Inbrics are calling a “convergence controller”, which will push data to any device the user chooses. Intriguing!
Inbrics M1 Android phone

Other news includes:

  • Google have been working on a Babel Fish voice translator, which converts voice spoken in one language into a synthesized voice spoken in a completely different language. If they can get this to work, it could be huge, particularly if they limit it just to Android phones.
  • is allegedly stocking up on a load of Google Nexus Ones, ready to start shipping them in the UK (hooray!). Unfortunately, they’ll cost £600, which is £150 more than you can import them for yourself from Google’s US-based store.
  • Motorola DROID/MILESTONE owners now have multitouch the same as Nexus One owners, and will be getting Android 2.1 starting from this week. The new update will turn their DROID into something very similar to a Nexus One, which means a seriously tasty smartphone with physical keyboard – mmmmm!

Phew! That’ll do for now! All this Androidery’s tired me out! I’m off to make sure the Megan Fox video is still working OK ;)

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