Posted by admin in Mobile Phone Industry on October 6, 2010

Nokia have repeatedly stated that Android on a Nokia phone would never happen. Yet last week, Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, and Nokia’s new CEO, Stephen Elop, were on the phone with each other discussing exactly that.

According to TechCrunch, the discussion took place around the same time that Nokia’s VP of MeeGo devices resigned. And I have to say, the logic makes perfect sense, and all the pieces of Nokia’s new jigsaw might finally be starting to fall into place.
Nokia Android phone

How Android can help Nokia

With Elop being an ex-Microsoft CEO, it was thought by som ethat Nokia might look to put Windows Phone 7 on a Nokia phone. According to TechCrunch’s source, though, if any other mobile OS was going to be used, Android would be much more likely that anything Microsoft produced.

Android on Nokia would solve Nokia’s most urgent problem – its phone’s software is crap! Symbian is at the end of its life, and MeeGo is nowhere near complete, meaning the company can’t get enough out of its superb hardware to challenge the iPhone and high-end Androids.

By putting Android on a Nokia smartphone, the company gets instant geek kudos, gets a mobile OS capable of showing off its fantastic hardware, finally gets a phone that can take on the iPhone, and is able to buy itself enough time for Peter Skillman to turn MeeGo into the kind of mobile OS that Nokia’s needed desperately for the past three years!

See? Perfect sense, at least strategically! It also explains why Ari Jakksi, Nokia’s VP of MeeGo devices, resigned, if he felt that MeeGo was suddenly threatened as the company’s flagship OS.

Wow, this is better than a soap opera! However, Nokia needs to do something quickly, as they’re falling dangerously behind while their competitors are racing ahead. And if there’s one thing every Nokia and every Android fanboy wants, it’s Android on a Nokia phone.

Go on Nokia – do it!

[source: TechCrunch]