Posted by Mike Evans in News on November 22, 2005
As if to highlight the difference between Asian and US mobile phone markets, TelecomAsia are reporting that mobile phones with DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) will make up more than 70% of the South Korean market in the next three years.
According to South Korea’s information and communication minister Chin Dae-je, “As shown in the case of camera phones whose market share jumped to 80% only five years after their debut, mobile phones equipped with the DMB function will make up 70% to 80% in three years,”

The official also said that the mobile broadcasting service is helping the nation create a new market in the IT industry as the demand for the new technology is on the rise.

DMB’s terrestrial and satellite services allow people to view television programs while on the move. Satellite DMB premiered commercially in South Korea in May, ahead of all other countries, with over 100,000 subscribers.

And the US carriers aren’t even selling one smartphone between them?

[Source: TelecomAsia]