Posted by Mike Evans in Coming Soon on October 21, 2006

Apple iPhone fake picture

With most new products, a list of “the best 40 fakes of [insert overhyped-product here]” would merit a single post at most, but with Apple’s iPhone, you get a whole blog devoted to such fakes.

So much hype surrounds Apple’s forthcoming iPhone that Okan Vardarova decided to create a blog showcasing the best photoshopped ‘concept iPhones‘ (aka fakes) that have been created by Apple FanBoys worldwide. He’s already compiled 40 fake pics!

New ones are added every day, apparently (are there that many fakes really being generated? Just checked my archives, and yup, seems there are!). Let’s just hope the real iPhone looks at least as good as the fakes, else there’ll be a lot of disappointed FanBoys out there when the iPhone finally drops.