Posted by Mike Evans in Coming Soon on December 1, 2008

Nokia are making a huge announcement tomorrow that they’re hyping like mad, leading some to believe that Nokia’s iPhone-killer is finally on its way. Nokia’s 2008 line-up of phones disappointed some, as its flagship, the N96, was only a minor improvement on the N95. Although a great phone in its own right, the N96 was no competition for the iPhone, leaving some to wonder just what Nokia’s response would be to Apple’s market-changing phone.

Given that the iPhone was released in 2007, that response has been a long time coming, but we should know tomorrow, as Nokia are definitely announcing NSeries phones for 2009 – and we’ve also got our hands on some rumoured specs. If you can’t wait for Nokia’s announcement, check out the specs after the jump, and come back here tomorrow morning for full details of Nokia big new announcement.

Leaked specs for 2009 Nokia NSeries phones

These specs were first leaked to EngadgetMobile about a month ago, so take them with the usual pinch of salt. However, the image of the specs was rapidly pulled at Nokia’s request, so they probably won’t be too far from the truth.

The specs and the phones’ codenames are as follows:


Widescreen touch, Naviscroll, QWERTY, AGPS, FM radio and transmitter, 5MP AF camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, TV-out


3.0-inch VGA display, non-touch, 8MP camera, half QWERTY keyboard, 128MB RAM, 8GB ROM, WiFI, UPnP, HSPA, AGPS, FM transmitter


Landscape candybar with QWERTY, 3.5-inch 640×350 display, minimum 8GB ROM, microSD, pressure sensitive touch UI with tactile feedback and gestures, charging via USB, 5MP AF camera with dual LED flash, integrated compass and accelerometer, proximity sensor, FM transmitter .

Of the three, the IP08 and Eitri stand out, both having widescreen touchscreen displays with up to 3.5″ VGA screens. The Eitri in particular looks very special, with its huge screen, compass, accelerometer, and, intriguingly, proximity sensor. A mobile phone that knows where it is, which direction it’s facing, which way it’s moving, and where you are in relation to it – now that opens up some huge possibilities!

Let’s hope Nokia encourage developers to develop for their new devices in a similar way to the iPhone and Android markets.