Posted by Mike Evans in Coming Soon on July 14, 2010

With all the news of Apple and Android lately, Blackberry has been a little bit lost. So they’ve decided to rectify that by showing a sneak peek of their new up and coming smartphone OS, Blackberry OS6.

The video reveals an OS that pretty much has everything in place that you’d expect from a smartphone in 2010. There’s a great browser (Webkit based, of course), multitouch support, pinch zooming, and lots of support for social media apps like Twitter and Facebook.

In addition, the overall look of the OS is looking pretty slick. The transitions and effects are reallty smooth. Although this sounds like superfluous fluff, such effects really add to the overall user experience of using a smartphone (something that Nokia should remember when working on Symbian^4).

Blackberry OS6 will first surface on the Blackberry 9800, which will be released later on this year.

See the video after the jump.
Blackberry OS 6

[Source: PhoneArena]