Posted by Mike Evans in Coming Soon on March 29, 2011

It seems that Nokia hasn’t quite finished with Symbian yet, even if the rest of the world has, as rumours of a new Symbian^3-based Nokia T7-00 have been circulating across the Web all day. Not much is known about the T7–00 other than the display, which, at 360×640 pixels, means that the the new device is definitely a phone and not a tablet.
Nokia T7-00
This is actually a good thing, as a Symbian-based tablet is too horrific for the world to cope with!

Alas, nothing else is known about the T7-00 at the moment, but I really can’t see it making much of a dent in the competition as the world is waiting for the first Nokia Windows Phone 7 devices, which won’t be with us until 2012 at the earliest.

[Source: PhoneArena]