Posted by Mike Evans in Coming Soon on December 7, 2010

Despite the dust not actually having settled on the launch of Gingerbread, the brand new version 2.3 of Android that launched yesterday on the new Google Nexus S phone, we’re already moving onto Honeycomb – the next version (3.0) of Android! Honeycomb represents a step change in the Android OS, and will run just as well on tablets as it will on mobile phones – which Google’s Andy Rubin proved by showing Honeycomb running on an unreleased prototype Motorola tablet running on a dual core Tegra 2 chip.

As if all that wasn’t enough, Rubin also showed off the brand new Google Maps 5 that will be coming to all Android devices in the next few days. Being vector-based, Google Maps 5 will cache your maps on your phone so you don’t need a network connection, features 3D buildings that you can zoom into and out of, and a nifty rotation feature that lets you rotate the map just by twisting your fingers.

Video of Android Honeycomb in action

This really has been a cracking week for Android lovers! If you’re already excited by Gingerbread and the Nexus S, feast your eyes on the Motorola Andriod tablet with Google Maps 5 and Honeycomb in the video below, and prepare to be even more excited!

[Source: Engadget Mobile, All Things D]