Posted by Mike Evans in Coming Soon on November 21, 2006

A few days ago, the Nokia N97 was the latest rumour to do the rounds, and it looked and sounded great. Maybe a little too great. Unfortunately, it wasn’t real – it was just an ‘idea’ posted in Nokia’s forum that leaked out into the ever-twitchy blogosphere, where great pictures and even greater hype soon take over a post’s true origins.

Damn it! It was a great phone too. Still, on the plus side, Nokia are currently up to the N95 in their numbering system, so a real N97 can’t be too far away. And with the N97’s supposed specs being equivalent to the N95, a real N97 may not be so different anyway. We can still dream…!

Update – over two year later, the the Nokia N97has finally been announced!
[Source: Forum Nokia via Engadget]